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Season of saving or Season of spending?

Season of saving or Season of spending?

Holiday spending & budgeting

On average, 80% of consumers are planning to spend around $819 on holiday spending this season!  If you’ve planned for it great!  If not, it could leave a gap in your budget!

Here are a few ways you can make the holidays Merry & Bright without overspending!

Make a List

Making a list for your holiday spending and sticking to it can help you spend less.  Set a limit on what you will spend for each person on your gift-giving list.  This includes holiday decorations, dinners, etc.  Use your list to guide you when shopping.  It will help you stay focused and keep you from over spending or making unplanned purchases.

Shop with Cash

Using cash can help you stay on track and limit sporadic purchasing.  Typically, when using a credit or debit card, we will spend more without even thinking about it.  Having a cash only plan will allow you to see what you have left and keep you on track.  Make sure you keep your receipts though,  You won’t have the ability to track your spending with account or credit card statements.

If it’s too late for that this year, take advantage of our credit card offers.  Start a Holiday Club now to start saving for next year!  Contribute with direct deposit to make your 2019 holiday season easier!

Shop for the Best Price

Don’t assume your go to store or website has the best price on the items you are looking for.  Once you have the perfect gift(s) on your list, shop around!  Take a few minutes to compare prices at multiple stores and online retailers.  If the gift you have in mind breaks your budget, consider splitting the cost with a friend or family member.

Crafts are Fun and Budget Friendly

Giving handmade gifts is always a great idea and shows the recipient that your gift is more thoughtful than a generic gift card.  Putting the effort in to make gifts is not only fun, but is also a great way to stay on budget.  There are tons of great ideas available on social media!

Gift of Time

Your time is valuable, use it as a gift!  Offering to do tasks or projects for family and friends is a great gift and will definitely be appreciated.  Make a certificate for offers of baby sitting, yard work or errands.  The list goes on and on! 

Get Started NOW 

Holiday shopping is already stressful.  Don’t add additional stress by waiting until the last minute.  Shopping in a rush will definitely lead to overspending!  Make your list and budget today and get started!  Set a date to complete all of your holiday tasks to help you stay on track.  This will allow you to have the time to truly enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.  

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