Savings Options

When you join KEMBA Indianapolis Credit Union, you’re not just a customer. You’re a member owner!  All it takes to become a member is a minimum $5.00 balance in a regular savings account.  Once you’ve established this account with KEMBA you can be a member for life!

All KEMBA members have a Membership Savings Account.  Make saving easy and manageable by adding extra accounts!  If you have goals to save for a vacation, the holidays or a special purchase, KEMBA has an account for that!  Watch your savings grow with KEMBA!

KEMBA savings accounts

KEMBA offers a variety of accounts to help you save!

Membership Savings

All KEMBA members have this account, as it represents your ownership share in KEMBA and allows you to enjoy our other products and services!  Balances of $50 or more earn dividends every month!

Holiday Club

Stash some cash away a little at a time to make Holiday shopping season less stressful!  Your balance is automatically transferred to your checking or savings account in late September. Any withdrawals made prior to the club being distributed are subject to a $15 fee. Balances of $50 or more earn dividends every month.

Vacation Club

Save throughout the year for vacation or other special projects with this separate account. You can make four withdrawals each calendar year. Any excess withdrawals are subject to a $15 fee. Balances of $50 or more earn dividends every month.

Miscellaneous Club

Need an account to save money for a special purchase?  Our Miscellaneous Club gives you a separate account so it’s easy to track and manage . There are no limits on withdrawals. Balances of $50 or more earn dividends every month.

Money Market

With at least $2,500 on deposit, you can earn a higher rate that is tiered based on your balance. Our Money Market also offers checks. You may withdrawal from this account six times per month, and three of your withdrawals can be made with your money market checks. A $15 fee will be assessed for withdrawals exceeding 6 per calendar month.

Special K Club

Our Special K Club is limited to two withdrawals per year to help you save for a special purpose or project. Any withdrawals more than two in a calendar year will be subject to a fee.  This is a great way to save for taxes, license plates or any other annual expense.


You’ve worked hard for your money, now let it work for you!  With a variety of available terms, you can plan your savings and earn a higher rate. We offer:

  • Share Certificates – Start yours with at least $500. A penalty will be assessed if you withdraw before maturity.
  • Investment Certificates – This option can earn a higher rate as compared to our share certificates; there is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.


With a variety of options we can help you save for your retirement. IRAs are a great place to deposit rollover retirement plans you have with previous employers. You can even set up payroll transfers to make contributions. Speak to your tax advisor to see which option is best for you. We offer:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Educational Savings Accounts