Proud to be on the East Side

Proud to be on the East Side

East side

For many of us who live and work on the east side of Indianapolis, it’s more than a little disheartening to hear our little corner of the world being bashed or shunned. There is so much good here.


KEMBA’s reach of members and contact goes far beyond the east side of Indianapolis; we have members spread throughout the country. But our main office is on the east side and our newest location in Lawrence is on the northeast side. The bulk of our community efforts are focused here. We love partnering with the Ransburg YMCA and we love our growing involvement with the Irvington community.


(On a personal note, the author of this blog post grew up on the eastside, went to high school here and continues to live, work and worship in this great community.)


So, before you dismiss the east side because of something you hear on the news, remember there’s an entire community of people and businesses who call it home… and love it here.


This 2014 article also highlights some of the hidden (& not so hidden) gems on the east side!

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