29 Ways you Waste Cash- Learn to Budget

29 Ways you Waste Cash- Learn to Budget

Setting up and managing a budget can be a difficult task. Don’t give up!  Give yourself time to adjust and find ways that best fit your life to stick with it.  Here are 29 things you can do to keep some of your hard earned cash for yourself!


  1. Stop impulse buying– Giving thought to where your money is going could make you rethink that purchase.
  2. Comparison Shopping– A little bit of your time could save you a lot of money.
  3. Paying for protection you don’t need– Think about it before you buy that warranty on a tv or small appliance.
  4. Being disorganized– Make sure you are keeping a transaction register for all of your purchases.
  5. Cell Phone Plans– Talk with your provider to find a plan that fits your use. Shop around with other providers to see if there are better offers.
  6. Not using coupons– Try to clip paper coupons, load electronic coupons to loyalty cards or look for discount codes for online purchases.
  7. Oil Changes– The myth still remains that you need to change your oil every few thousand miles. Newer cars can sense when the oil has reached its lifespan and tell you when it needs changed.
  8. Premium Fuel– If your car doesn’t require premium fuel do pay extra for it. Try a gas treatment cleaner every now and then if you are concerned about build up in your fuel system.
  9. Take advantage of employer 401K matching– If your employer offers matching contributions on your 401K and you’re not taking advantage of it you are throwing money out the window.
  10. Bill Pay Fees– Avoid using services that charge extra to pay online. Try MyBranch online banking, it’s FREE.
  11. Hotel Fees– Shopping around and paying attention to details of your purchase can save you big in the long run.
  12. Paying for services you don’t use– Do you subscribe to satellite radio but never use it? Why keep the service.
  13. Insurance Policies– Shop around for insurance annually. Situations change and so do premiums. You could save BIG!
  14. Wasting Utilities– Don’t leave unnecessary lights on. Pay attention to your thermostat.
  15. Dining Out– Limit the times you eat out. Try taking lunch to work rather than eating out.
  16. Morning Lattes– That trip to the coffee shop may seem like a necessity. Learn to make your coffee drinks at home.
  17. Buying Software– Don’t buy software for your computer that you will only use once or twice. Look for a free or cheaper alternative online.
  18. Long-Distance Calls– If you still have a landline, use your cell phone or other alternative to talk to people far away.
  19. Airline Baggage– Only take what you need. Take advantage of carry on and personal items.
  20. College Degrees– Apply for scholarships and grants. Look for online solutions.
  21. Pay attention to your credit– Managing your credit can save you a huge amount of money by earning better rates for loans and credit cards.
  22. Buying Books– Use the Public Library, it’s FREE!
  23. Brand Name items– Many times, store brands are just as good as the name brand. Most store brands are actually made by the brand name companies.
  24. 411 Calls– Google it!
  25. ATM Fees– Know where you have access to FREE ATMs. Visit mykemba.org for a full searchable list of FREE nationwide ATMs.
  26. Credit Card interest– Avoid carrying a balance. Pay them off monthly.
  27. Bottled Water– A home filter is a cheaper alternative, plus you don’t have all those bottles to recycle. Find a filtered water fountain and fill up a bottle.
  28. Checking Accounts– KEMBA offers FREE checking accounts. Manage your finances responsible and you can have one!
  29. Cable TV– Do you really need all of those channels? Just because you “bundle” that doesn’t make it the best solution. Try Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu. The subscription costs could be a huge savings.

Take advantage of the services offered by KEMBA!  A FREE credit review can get you on your way to financial freedom! Speak with a KEMBA advisor today to start!  Call us at 317-351-5235 or email us at contact@mykemba.org.

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