Skip A Payment

Auto loan rebate offer

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When money is tight what do you do? KEMBAs skip-a-pay is a great option for our borrowers! Not every lender offers this opportunity. Another advantage of borrowing with KEMBA! Once you request to skip-a-pay and it’s approved, we will apply the $25 processing fee right to your loan balance. There is no upfront cost! Then, use that money however you want! Easy!

Our skip a payment program is a great way for members to skip a payment for other expenses like:

  • Holiday spending
  • Unknown expenses
  • Auto repairs
  • Anything really!

How do I Skip A Payment?

When you’re ready submit the form below.  You can also call 317-351-5235 or email us at to get started!  Skip A Payment requests must be received 10 days before your loan payment is due!

Skip A Payment Disclosure

*Your KEMBA Loans must be in good standing to take advantage of this offer.  Skip A Payment is available once in a 12-month period per loan.  Use of Skip A Payment extends the term of your loan.  Any GAP, Credit Life or Disability payment protection added to your loan remains effective through the original maturity date.  Sorry, Mortgage loans, including home equity, are not eligible for Skip A Payment.

If your payment transfer comes from another institution it will still happen.  We will then deposit those funds into your KEMBA savings account for easy access!

Request a Skip A Pay Today!

  • Primary Member Name * Required
  • Choose the type of loan you wish to skip your payment for.
  • Enter your loan number only. Do not include your member/ account number. (Loan number can be found on your statement or MyBranch overview. Example: XXXXXX-31)
  • No matter how you pay (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-month or monthly) you can skip a whole calendar month. Please choose the month you wish to skip.
  • By submitting, we will verify your eligibility for skip a payment. If you qualify, a $25 fee will be added to your loan balance. Your due date will be advanced. The next due date following the month of your requested skip a payment will be your new due date. You authorize KEMBA to extend your final loan payment by one month. Interest will continue to accrue during the month you have chosen to skip a payment. A KEMBA Advisor will contact you to let you know if you are approved. Requests must be received 10 business days prior to your due date of the month requesting to skip. Ancillary products will end based on the original maturity date of your contract.