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You’re invited to take advantage of our FREE credit review! We love helping our members save money, now it’s your turn! All it takes is a quick review of your credit report with a KEMBA representative. Once you start you’ll be able to review the items listed on your credit file. Then you can ask any questions and address any concerns you have. Learn about your credit report and how your score impacts you today with KEMBA today!

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We want to help our members save money! We’ll do this by finding new loan opportunities with lower rates, payments or even shorter terms by moving your loans to KEMBA. Now you have the chance to sit down with a trained KEMBA representative and change your financial future! Come and meet with us in person or over the phone, whichever you prefer!

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    *Must be a member to qualify for assessment. Membership to KEMBA Credit Union is open to almost everyone who lives or works in central Indiana. All it takes to become a member/owner is a minimum $5.00 deposit in a share savings account. Loans are subject to credit approval and underwriting criteria.

Member Testimonials

“My experience with KEMBA Credit Union has been great. KEMBA helped me consolidate a couple of high interest loans.  I was paying over 29% interest.  Now I have a more affordable loan paying only 9% interest saving me almost $300 a month! The staff is professional, courteous and always willing to help their members any way they can. KEMBA has programs in place to help educate members on smart banking as well as how to manage credit.  I recommend KEMBA Credit Union to anyone looking for a good banking institution!”

John- member since May 2015

“I went to KEMBA and talked to Ashley about my financial situation.  Then she told me KEMBA can help me save a lot of money.  We sat down and added up all my debts.  KEMBA ended up saving me over $4,000!  No other bank said they could help me.  KEMBA did and that’s why I will continue to recommend relationships with KEMBA Credit Union!”

Joshua- member since February 2015