Youth Accounts

KEMBA Youth Accounts!

KEMBA youth accounts help and encourage members to start saving early for your child’s future!  Kids 12 and under should start learning about saving money now!  This will help them learn good money management skills at an early age. A parent, guardian, grand parent or responsible adult will also be an owner of the youth account.  Deposits can be made in person, by automatic transfer or by direct deposit so helping them save is easy!

Start a youth account now and be a member for life!

A youth account will grow with your child!  Once a member, always a member.  When the time comes, add a checking account to start teaching responsible spending habits.

youth accounts and fun activities

Benefits of a KEMBA Youth Account:

  • Automate their allowance from your direct deposit
  • transfer funds from your KEMBA account
  • Have a place to save for their education
  • Have access to our FREE coin counter for piggy bank money
  • Invitations to special events

Save for more with youth accounts!

The minimum opening deposit for a youth account is $5.  From there, you can add other products and services too!  For example:

  • Open a Holiday Club for each child for their holiday spending
  • Coverdell education savings account
  • Special Savings for their first car
  • Certificate of deposit

Youth Certificate of Deposit

Every child is eligible for Youth Certificate of Deposit earning 2% APY* ($1,000 maximum deposit)Youth Certificate Special!

Saving for your child’s future is one of the most important things you can do.  KEMBA wants to help!  Our youth certificate offers an outstanding way to get the most from your saving efforts.  Any child between 8-17 can start a certificate with a maximum deposit amount of $1,000.  The certificate will automatically mature on their 18th birthday and roll to their KEMBA savings account.  Speak to a KEMBA representative for more information about this outstanding offer!

youth certificate

*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Youth CD offers a 2% APY (1.98% rate).  Primary account owner must be between the ages of 8 and 18.  The certificate automatically matures on the child’s 18th Birthday.  Certificate must remain on deposit the full term to earn any dividends.  With the exception of the rules, all other certificate rules and disclosures apply.