KEMBA Visa Debit Cards

KEMBA Visa Debit Cards

Enjoy convenient access anywhere Visa® is accepted* with a KEMBA Visa Debit Card.  Whether you choose “Credit” and sign for your purchase or “Debit” and use your PIN number, funds are withdrawn from your KEMBA checking account. Your KEMBA Visa Debit Card also has another purpose; use it at ATMs for quick access to cash. You have nationwide surcharge-free access at more than 60,000 ATMs with Allpoint Network and Alliance One ATMs!

Instant Issue Visa Debit Cards

If you need a quick replacement or a new debit card, stop in and see us!  We can issue you a new debit card in a matter of minutes!  It will be ready to use as soon as you walk out the door!  A replacement fee may apply.

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Manage your debit card with CardValet:

CardValet gives you control of your Visa debit card like never before! You’ll have access to set spending limits, set and manage thresholds by merchant types such as gas, groceries or retail stores. You can also set these controls by location! This flexible app gives you control to change your settings anytime by using the app on your smart phone! When you’re traveling or using your debit card for holiday shopping, quickly update your controls to fit your spending needs. Take control with CardValet today!

Help protect yourself from fraud by turning your debit card “off” when you’re not using it. Lost and stolen debit cards are just one area of concern with fraud. Identity theft, skimming devices and other attacks are the unfortunate reality of our world today.

CardValet Features:

  • Access to turn your debit card on and off
  • Set transaction controls based on dollar limits, merchant categories and geographic location
  • Receive alerts when your debit card is used, approved or exceeds the controls set by you
  • Know of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and declined transactions
  • Receive real-time balances for your account(s)

Get started today!

Find the CardValet app in the App Store for your Apple or Google/ Android smart phone and download it today! Use the “New User” button to start setting up your debit card account.

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Any limit or location settings you set in CardValet will not override the default settings of your Debit Card set by KEMBA Credit Union. For example, standard daily usage is set at $1,500 for purchases. You cannot exceed this amount using CardValet. Call KEMBA to speak with an Advisor to discuss altering limits exceeding default standards. Also, international transactions are always blocked for security reasons. Please speak with a KEMBA Advisor regarding any travel.

For more information about Visa® Debit Cards click on the buttons below.

Visa® Debit Card use will be restricted for International travel for security reasons.

Pending Authorization holds will affect available balance information.

To order a new or replacement card call us at 317-351-5235

To report your card as lost or stolen 24/7 call 1-800-554-8969

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