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MyBranch Online Banking |

MyBranch Online Banking |


Enjoy convenient access anywhere Visa® is accepted* with a KEMBA Visa Debit Card. Whether you choose “Credit” and sign for your purchase or “Debit” and use your PIN number, funds are withdrawn from your KEMBA checking account. Your KEMBA Visa Debit Card also has another purpose; use it at ATMs for quick access to cash. You have nationwide surcharge-free access at more than 60,000 ATMs with Allpoint Network and Alliance One ATMs!

KEMBA Debit Card


If you need a quick replacement or a new debit card, stop in and see us! We can issue you a new debit card in a matter of minutes! It will be ready to use as soon as you walk out the door! A replacement fee may apply.

Manage your debit card within our MyMobile app

Our MyMobile app gives you greater control of your KEMBA Debit card(s) and enhanced visibility into your financial transactions to help you track spending and make better spending decisions!

Manage My Card Features:

Manage My Cards  is primarily integrated into our MyMobile app so debit card holders can access all the bank account and card information using a single unified app on their iOS and android devices.


  • Turn the debit or credit card on and off—when the card is off, no purchases or withdrawals are approved except for previously scheduled recurring payments.
  • Enable controls to restrict card usage based on location, spend limit, merchant type, and transaction type.
  • Check transactions and account balances associated with cards enrolled in Manage My Cards. Transactions are enriched with recognizable merchant details for cardholders to seamlessly identify transactions.
  • View one–time payments made to a card kept on file in the merchant’s database as well as automatic payments made from the card to merchants on a regular basis.
  • Get spend insight analytics to see how, what, and when transactions are occurring.
  • Call designated phone numbers to activate a card, report a card as lost or stolen, or set a PIN.
  • Manage travel plans to allow transactions in specific domestic and international destinations.

Any limit or location settings you set in Manage My Cards will not override the default settings of your Debit Card set by KEMBA Credit Union. For example, standard daily usage is set at $1,500 for purchases. You cannot exceed this amount using CardValet. Call KEMBA to speak with a Member Service Representative to discuss altering limits exceeding default standards. Also, international transactions are always blocked for security reasons. Please speak with a KEMBA Advisor regarding any travel.

Visa® Debit Card use will be restricted for International travel for security reasons.

Pending Authorization holds will affect available balance information.

For more information about Visa® Debit Cards click on the buttons below

To order a new or replacement card call us at 317-351-5235

To report your card as lost or stolen 24/7 call 1-800-554-8969