Quick Cash Loans

Avoid the payday loan!

A Quick Cash Loan from KEMBA Credit Union is a great way to build or rebuild your credit.  This loan is designed for members that typically would not qualify for a traditional KEMBA personal loan.  We want to help our members avoid the vicious cycle of a payday loan.  This loan can help you:

  • Build and rebuild credit
  • Break the payday lending cycle
  • Consolidate higher-interest debts
  • Help with unexpected expenses
  • Begin the credit healing process

Speak with a KEMBA representative to determine if this is the right product for your needs.  We are here to help you meet your financial goals!  We want to be your trusted financial partner!

A $25 application fee required.  Documents needed with application include but are not limited to: current pay stub, driver’s license or government issued ID.

This loan is subject to underwriting criteria.